Percussion Scores

Rainbow Jimmies | 2009 | gpe records

Ziggurat (interior) (2006) | 12:02
Percussion Ensemble
Commissioned by the Jerome Foundation Emerging Composers Commissioning Fund for Ethos Percussion Group. Premiered at the Whitney Museum Composers Showcase, New York, NY.

Ziggurat (exterior) (2006) | 12:52
Percussion, saxophone quartet
Commissioned by Youngstown State University.

Meredith Monk's IMPERMANENCE | 2008 | ECM

The Impermanence Project Percussion Score (2004) | 45:00
Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Bass Drum, Percussion [Paddle Drums, Wooden Clackers, Anklung], Bells [Chinese Temple Bells, Elephant Bells], Performer [Magnets, Bicycle Wheel]

Just Drums/Just Drums 2 | 2005 | Feverpitch

I’m Sorry Shu-Mei… (1998) | 3:33
Solo Percussion

Bell Song Emerges (2004) | 3:29
Solo Percussion

Meredith Monk's MERCY | 2002 | ECM

Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 (2002) | 11:57
Bells [Ice Bell, Cymbal Bell], Performer [Wind Tube], Percussion [Patatag], Cymbal [Cymbals With Microphone]

Percussion Score to Mercy (2001) | 45:00
Bells [Ice Bell, Cymbal Bell], Performer [Wind Tube], Percussion [Patatag], Cowbell, Marimba [Marimba Resonators, Bowed Marimba], Gong [Opera Gong], Cymbal [Cymbals With Microphone], Xylophone, Melodica, Percussion [Metal Percussion], Bass Drum, Triangles, Vibraphone [Bowed Vibraphone]

Percussion Scores Unrecorded Works

Dewey Cherry (2010) | 6:05
Federation Bells at Birrarung Marr
Commissioned for the Federation Bells at Birrarung Marr, Melbourne Jazz Festival, Australia. Performed on the hour for every hour of the Melbourne Jazz Festival.

Eros (2006) | 15:00
Percussion Ensemble
Commissioned by Studio Percussion Graz.

Soft Tense (1999) |
Percussion Ensemble, Guitar
Commissioned by the Tatui School of the Arts for the Brazilian Festival of Percussion, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL.