“Where on the West Coast is JHLE?”

As the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble embarks on its first-ever tour, we’re sure many of you Pacific-huggers are pressed more than ever by this very question. To ease your wonders, we’ve assembled a special Internet-powered map to help guide you along the journey.

View Where on the West Coast is JHLE? in a larger map

Yes, each colorful symbol you see littered on along the Northwest corridor represents another stop along the 18-person whirlwind. Click on it to view address information, ticketing information, and a link to the venue’s website. As the band progresses, we’ll mark their progress. We’ll also keep you posted with to-the-minute inside-tourblimp status updates along the way. It’s our hope these new tools (and the ways we wield them) will help our West Coastal folk make well-informed decisions about how many JHLE shows to attend this coming weekend. You can even show your support for the whole all-out JHLE venture on our special West Coast Invitation Page.

And don’t forget that before these musicians make their way there, they’ll be here at the beautiful Jazz Standard this Tuesday, March 1st at 730 & 930pm. New Yorkers ready to get onboard can visit their own special New York Invitation Page. Says Fung Chern Hwei, “I MUST COME”. So must you!

We leave you with the championship performance of the 2005 Reed High Winter Percussion Program, playing a tune we suspect you’ll know. Enjoy.

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