The Great Post-Festival Newport News Roundup

Despite the weekend’s well-documented downpours, John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble performed at Newport Jazz Fest without incident and much to the delight of those present. For those folks unable to make it (or otherwise interested in reliving the set) we present a multimedia menu of reviews, news, and sounds:

-First & foremost, check out NPR Music’s full recording of JHLE live in concert. The sound is superb and includes ample solid-brass snippets of already-classic Hollenbanter in-between songs.

-Grey Lady-lovers can enjoy reporting from NYT’s Mr. Ben Ratliff, both in the form of his on-the-spot bloggage as well as a longer, full-service/big-picture review filed after the weekend, notable both for its highlight picks and its take on the broader feel of the festival and its audience.

-For the New Englander viewpoint, Mr. Steve Greenlee offers up his perspective via the Boston Globe, desribing JHLE as having played “the weekend’s most innovative set”.

-In other words from the city on the hill, Mr. Jon Garelick provides an extensive rundown of his own in the Boston Phoenix.

-From up above the 42nd parallel, Mr. Peter Hum writes his recollections in the Ottowa Citizen, supplemented in no small part by swell photos, including this one of Theo & Kate.

Did we miss anything? Have you read or seen some key JHLE news that’s escaped our eye? Better yet, were you there yourself to bear witness & testify? Let us know!

Update: Alex W. Rodriguez, who writes about Jazz at Lubricity, brought this brief interview with WBGO’s Josh Jackson to my attention, in which John discusses, among other things, his take on Newport’s ‘facilities’. Thanks, Alex!

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