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First, a reminder

A memorial approaches for valve trombonist/composer/arranger Bob Brookmeyer (December 19,1929-December 15, 2011).

It will be held at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (E. 54th St. between 3rd and Lexington Avenues) in New York City on Wednesday, April 11, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.  A reception will follow immediately afterward at the church.

That evening, Bob’s music will be played by the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (for which he wrote for over forty years) and two specially-assembled smaller groups.  There will also be a number of distinguished speakers: (in alphabetical order) Darcy James Argue, Greg Bahora, Dave Bailey, Bill Crow, Ed Dix, Jim Hall, Bill Kirchner, Jim McNeely, Dick Oatts, Jimmy Owens, John Snyder, Michael Stephans, and Terry Teachout.  In addition, there will be an audio tribute by Clark Terry, and a video presentation by Maria Schneider, Ryan Truesdell, and Marie Le Claire.

In other newsin other languages We here at the global hollenbeck resource center invite any who may speak German to interpret this fan bloggage from Germany or those of you versed in Italian to translate this 5 stelle review of WITB? in All About Jazz Italia. Both are positive…we suspect.

Have you encountered exuberant press in non-English tongues? Let us know! We’re creating a whole compendium of global emoting as we seek to get Hollenmania formally certified as a transnational epidemic.

And now, an excerpt from the Diary of John

March 26

“Grüss Grott” from Graz,

I’m in the 2nd week of my residency here at the Kunst University Graz Jazz-the oldest Jazz department in Europe!

I first started coming to Graz over 10 years ago, to play in Jazz Big Band Graz, a region sponsored band….so I know the city well.

A few fun facts…..

1)From an English speaking point of view, there is a remarkable resemblance to Elmer Fudd’s dialect and the dialect from the Graz region (called Styria).

2)Graz is a UNESCO City of Design-it boasts some exquisitely modern buildings, such as the Kunsthaus and the Murinsel.

3)The region is well known for it’s high quality food (even on the autobahn rest stops), wine, chocolate and pumpkin seed oil (it is actually more like squash, but pumpkin sounds better).

The jazz school has a nice mix of international students with the largest concentration from the surrounding countries which creates a vibrant, unique environment.  Some old friends of mine are on the faculty like Ed Partyka, Ed Neumeister, Dena Derose, among others.

For this residency I’m privately teaching drums, compositions, leading workshop in drums, composition and the all-important “quarter note exercise” giving 3 concerts. I brought the Claudia Quintet here last week. This week I’m playing my music with the “Composers Ensemble” and at the beginning of May I’m coming back to play my music with the very large KUG Big Band (at the last rehearsal I counted 24 members!) who have already started working on some of my most challenging pieces.

Ok, back to the food….one of my favorite restaurants, Mangolds, is in the heart of Graz. I try to go there at least once a day. It has the greatest, biggest salad bar (and they do salad in their own incredible way in the Graz region!)

It is buffet style, so the food is fast and it is relatively cheap! If you are in Graz at mid-day, you must check it out!


Pix below of kunsthaus

and Murinsel

Thanks, John!
Wish you were there alongside John & Co. romping around Europe? Let us take you back in time and out of space with…
Sweet Pix From Bad Hofgastein: A Very Hollenbeck Romp in photos 
CQ in bad hofgastein

John checking out the Mel Lewis plaque at Burghausen’s Jazz Walk of Fame
(a special edition of JHLE, with an imbedded Claudia Quintet plus 4 great German cats!—-Oli Leicht, Christian Jakso, Gunter Bollman, Axel Schosser)

nuff said
John and Billy Hart love fest in Burghausen, Germany 
Drew and Kate after their re-creation of the classic Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs match
oh, that is gonna be a winner!

In conclusion: Claudia after our expedition to the secondhand store in downtown Fullerton, CA

Look for this on the cover of the next GQ magazine or actually CQ magazine!

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