Orchestre National de Jazz Premieres Shut Up and Dance [Video] [Contains Dance]

A more beautiful embedded player you never did see. Let us take you floating through the Théâtre du Chatelet for the Paris premiere of John’s latest Franco-American engagement, “Shut Up And Dance”. From 58:00, you will see this series of ten mini-concertos written for the Orchestre National de Jazz, “each one dedicated to a different orchestra musician and tailored to their personality and language.” Appropriately, the musicians will be joined onstage by real dancers. May we recommend “Life Still” at 1:26:00, “Shaking Peace” at 1:44:00, “Praya Dance” at 2:01:00, and, our pick for Best Costume, “Melissa’s Dance” round 2:18:00.

BBC’s Jazz on 3 showcased “Shut Up & Dance” this past Monday evening featuring an interview with John and the broadcast of its world premiere performance, recorded at the London Jazz Festival in 2010. At press time you’ve five days left to listen to it here. Earlier that day, Monday’s Jazz on 3 Newsletter saw presenter Jez Nelson wonder aloud about some revolutionary notions:

The success and enterprise of the ONJ begs the questions – why doesn’t Britain have a publicly funded and artistically progressive jazz orchestra? Besides the good work done by the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, could more be done to support new writers for large jazzensembles?

“Could more be done” indeed!

Visit ONJ’s Shut Up & Dance page pour en savoir plus and please visit this store here to purchase an ONJ/SU&D download of your very own. And don’t forget ONJ joins the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble at Le Poisson Rouge on April 25th. When tickets go on sale, you’ll be the first to know.

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