John Hollenbeck: Most Telegenic Man on the Internet?


John Hollenbeck: Reveling in the Unknown from NewMusicBox on Vimeo.


“New Music” and “Suaveté” rarely cross paths in the same sentence–but watching this superb and depths-plumbing interview on NewMusicBox, could you deny it? In it John sheds light on everything from childhood formulation to the evolution of his creative process. Emphatically not to be missed.

In (lots) other news–JH’s collaboration with Orchetre National de Jazz, Shut Up & Dance has received no shortage of sweet ink lately. To wit:

-Four Stars from that key upstate organ The Buffalo News

Featured on All Things Considered‘s recent foray into new excellent jazz releases

-Praise for JHLE & ONJ’s SU&D performance from Nate Chinen at The New York Times

If we’ve missed anything, including positive press from you, our dear reader, please don’t hesitate to shout.

Lastly, for those medium-term planners, be advised Claudia Quintet will play at Lilypad in Cambridge, Boston on May 20th. Details available here. On May 21st, they play the Look and Listen Festival, point yourselves here for tickets and more information. Meanwhile JH is presently hard working on the next Claudia recording, which will be dedicated to poems by Kenneth Patchen and featuring Messr’s Kurt Elling & Theo Bleckmann

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