John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble to Convene at Jazz Standard Next Tuesday

As promised, John Hollenbeck has returned to his native New York to convene the eighteen musicians of the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble. The group meets Tuesday, March 1st, first at 730, then again at 930. John has selected The Jazz Standard to serve as the venue for the confab, designed to resolve the matter of seating arrangements aboard Hollenbeck’s private blimp, “Wizmark”. Only twelve seats will be available as 18 players journey 3000 aerial miles from New York to Seattle this week for The John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble Grand Tour Hollenbeck is said to have been overheard remarking, “I’m quite excited to see how this will turn out.”

You can buy tickets for the 730pm show here and tickets for the 930pm show here. Visit this page to gaze intently at links to both shows while you contemplate which to attend.

Real quotes from real people:

“Profound, imaginative, well-developed pieces for 20 musicians, grown out of jazz and classical music, built around soloists but never subservient to them. As a big-band jazz composer, Mr. Hollenbeck was already good; now he’s become great.” — Ben Ratliff in the NY Times

“John is one of the most brilliant musicians I’ve had the privilege of working with.” — Meredith Monk

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