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Old Media <3’s John

Ladies and gentleman, John Hollenbeck has hit the mainstream. At long last, the unclassifiable is cool. No longer will “no labels” be an impediment to earnest attention from the masses. For on newsstands now—that’s right, I said newsstands—you can find not one but TWO highly respected journalistic organs devoting raw pagespace for John and his travails.

In this latest issue of The New Republic you can read “Music Without Category,” by David Hajdu. To wit:

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Likewise, in this current issue of Stereophile  magazine you can read an extensive article on John, written by Mr. Robert Baird.

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Let this pristine ink not be spilled in vain! Get thee to your corner store or bookshop and have at least a pagethrough of these pieces. Neither will be found on the Internet—that rascal’s den of the errant and inane—so you must go into the light of the real press and read it for yourself! Go! The sunshine will do you some good!

And did we mention…the Radio?

Not only does John appear in glossy print this month, but he and stellar vocal partner Mr. Theo Bleckmann will join Michael Bourne on his show Singers Unlimited on Sunday, March 31st at 12pm on WBGO 88.3FM. NYC/NJ Hollenfans, bust out your radio and tune in. Internet Citizens of Hollenbeck Nation, set your dials to www.wbgo.org and join the party via web.

Upcoming shows

To read and hear the words and music of John is good. But to do so in the same room as the man himself? Another story completely. Hear the music unadulterated by airwaves, and be in proximate communion with with your fellow fans. Be advised of the below shows—the critics have taken notice too—and get satisfied physically:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble SONGS I LIKE A LOT with Kate McGarry & Theo Bleckmann @ Jazz Standard

116 E 27th St., 11th Fl., New York, NY

Sets: 7:30 PM/9:30PM

All Ages, Ticket Here

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

John Hollenbeck SONGS I LIKE A LOT with Kate McGarry & Theo Bleckmann @ Oberlin College

135 W. Lorain Street, Oberlin, OH

Set: 8:00 PM

All Ages, Tickets Here

Thursday, April 4, 2013

John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble SONGS I LIKE A LOT with Kate McGarry & Theo Bleckmann @ Wexner Center for the Arts

1871 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43210-1393

(614) 292-3535 Set: 8:00 PM

All Age, Tickets Here

Tickets: $16 members/ $18 general public/ $13 students

Friday, April 5, 2013

John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble SONGS I LIKE A LOT with Kate McGarry & Theo Bleckmann @ The Goodwill Theatre

67 Broad Street, Johnson City, NY 13790

607.772.2404 Set: 7:00 PM

All Ages, Tickets Here

Tickets: $15 / $12 / 10  

More likes for Songs I Like A Lot

The latest review begins, “„Welcome to the first classic album of 2013!“, jubelt down beat.”

Beyond that, I can’t read it, but mayhaps you can! Check it out on this most-excellent german language jazz site.

For a closer-to-home take on SILAL, may we suggest the Los Angeles Times? This quick blurb (replete with lovely action shot) says a mouthful.

JH for young ears

We close with this, from a friend of the Hollenfamily. You’ve known John Hollenbeck is outstanding listening for grownups of all stripes. But did you know it could also be delivered to younger, more formative minds, as part of a well-balanced musical awakening? Read on…

From Jack Hollenbeck’s (7th grader-nephew of John) excellent music teacher:     “Yes, today we were covering 20th century music & specifically 12-tone music.  Arnold Schoenberg was the composer that initially made that famous, so we covered him.  But I wanted to tie in something more contemporary, so Rick got me listening to John’s Meinetwegen (from his 1st Claudia Quintet CD) last night, so I played it for them today.  The kids thought it was SO cool that it was Jack’s uncle, & they were quite taken by the voices included in the tune!”

John’s response: “I wish I had a 7th Grade teacher who played me Schoenberg when I was starting out!” These kids get the benefit of them both.

If you have stories about your own intersections with John Hollenbeck’s music, be they spiritual, educational or other, do not hesitate to share! We are always listening…