Claudia Quintet to Tour Switzerland, Netherlands, Gowanus

On April 1st, Claudia Quintet will board skipper John Hollenbeck’s refurbished catamaran and set sail up the Gowanus Canal towards Denmark.  In an awesome display of nautical mastery, Claudia hopes to make this 4000 mile transatlantic journey in under twelve hours, then go on to play shows for the women and men of Copenhagen, Berlin, Luzern, and beyond. Before they are allowed to depart America, however, they must petition a quorum of musical peers for renewal of their Seafaring Jazzmen License. Please join us on March 31st at Littlefield, where we will come to consensus on whether or not to allow Theo Bleckmann, Matt Mitchell, Håkon Kornstad, and Red Wierenga to follow Hollenbeck and his reduced-price multihull speed machine into the record books.


MARCH 31 LITTLEFIELD 8:00pm Brooklyn/USA www.littlefieldnyc.com

APRIL 2 JAZZHOUSE 9:00pm Copenhagen/DENMARK www.jazzhouse.dk

APRIL 3 WABE 8:00pm Berlin/GERMANY www.wabe-berlin.de

APRIL 5 AMR Jazz Festival 8:30pm Geneva/SWITZERLAND www.amr-geneve.ch

APRIL 7 JAZZKANTINE 8:30pm Luzern/SWITZERLAND www.jsl.ch/kantine.htm

APRIL 8 LANTAREN VENSTER 8:30pm Rotterdam/NETHERLANDS www.lantarenvenster.nl

APRIL 9 BIMHUIS 8:30pm Amsterdam/NETHERLANDS www.bimhuis.nl

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