Claudia Quintet on the Highway of Love

Shrink-wrapped chocolates returned to pharmacy shelves across the nation last week as a freezing America turns its thoughts to candy and true love. But for Jozen Cummings, every day is Valentine’s Day. Cummings is the voice of Until I Get Married, a web diary of modern bachelorhood as told by a relationship expert. Last week he brought the stylish, certifiably brilliant Jason Moran onboard to curate a list of the five best jazz albums to play while you’re making out (“ol’-fashion style”). Guess who got number three?

Now, if Royal Toast doesn’t seem offhand too libido-stoking, that’s because, as Moran puts it,

“This is taking the soul aesthetic and then running it through a conservatory and then running it through a PhD, but it’s still soulful too, kind of like these chefs who strain their sauces two or three times.”

Right? Honor Roll Soul. Soul au Jus. Unexpectedly, certifiably romantic.

Turns out not everyone agrees with Moran. I won’t spoil the story, just the setup:

“John Hollenbeck, he’s also a very funny dude who feels very comfortable talking to his audience. He was telling me this story: After one of these gigs, a woman came up to him, gave him a note, and walked away…”

Reap the wisdom so hard won by John & Jason at The Until I Get Married Guide to Jazz.

Have you seen John, Musically?

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