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Hi World,

I am now officially treasurer of the Bad Blogging Club. If you also have a blog type forum, but do not use it regularly, “welcome!” and please send your membership fees to my paypal account.

Je m’appelle John. Je joue la batterie. So, I took a couple of French lessons, that’s all I’ve got for now, but there should be more in the future!

But the real reason for writing is that I’m pretty sure The Claudia Quintet is coming to a town not far from you this year, unless you live in Asia. By the way, promoters from Asia – please book the Claudia Quintet next year – this year, we are booked up, so don’t even ask!

First up is a jaunt to the European continent, where we will enjoy 2 Trump-free weeks (or Drumpf-free, as John Oliver told me to now call him.)

Wednesday, MAR 2
Pannonica – Nantes, FRANCE

Thursday, MAR 3
Sunset Sunside – Paris, FRANCE

Friday, MAR 4
West Germany – Berlin, GERMANY

Saturday, MAR 5

Sunday, MAR 6
Stadtgarten – Köln, GERMANY

Monday, MAR 7
Cafe de Ruimte – Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Wednesday, MAR 9
Le Rocher de Palmer – Bordeaux, FRANCE

Thursday, MAR 10
Le Rocher de Palmer – Bordeaux, FRANCE

Friday, MAR 11
Paradox – Tilburg, NETHERLANDS

Saturday, MAR 12
JamFestival at Teatro Villa dei Leoni – Venice, ITALY

Sunday, MAR 13
WORKSHOP Auditorium Villa Widmann – Venice, ITALY

Monday, MAR 14
Narodni dom Maribor – Maribor, Slovenia

Tuesday, MAR 15
Citadelic @ S.M.A.K– Gent, Belgium


In April we will back to the homeland playing for the beautiful people of VA, MD, PA and NYC.

In May our new recording, Super Petite will be released on Cuneiform. Check out the great cover by karlssonwilker below!

The-Claudia-Quintet Super-Petite Cover RGB

This cd will be accompanied by a live DVD of CQ at our home in NYC, the Cornelia Street Cafe!

And! in June we will be on the west coast in the US of A and my new homeland of Canada.

And! in Ann Arbor and other fun mid-western towns in October
(Drumpf supporters will most likely not be in attendance at any of these gigs BTW).

Also! in non-Claudia news, I’m just finishing a new piece for the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble under the directorship of Guilllaume Bourgogne that will be premiered in Montreal on April 6th.

And! on May 4th, I will be premiering a new work at the Trondheim Jazz Festival that is a collaboration with Sissel Vera Petersen and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. I’m very excited!… So I will now go to the bathroom, and then immediately start working on that music!!

Salut! John